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Four high school students plan to finish their ants-in-space experiment started aboard Columbia, seeking to honor the shuttle's seven fallen astronauts and their commitment to scientific discovery.




"How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man..." said St. Paul. How many? I wonder too! And also How many roads lead to Rome? We use to say, all of them. Exactly my friends: All roads take you to Rome. So choose one of them and come with me, I'll take you to visit my Rome, because every roman has his Rome.

Marco Gosta - ISFiR president

Come and  participate in the educational experience of a lifetime!

 ISFiR- the International Student Festival in Rome will be arranged from 16 to 25  July 2003. With about 450 participants aged 18 to 50 from 90-100 different countries, ISFiR is the largest thematic student festival in the world. This year's theme is "Challenging Attitudes", and to make this festival a success, we need skilled participants from all over the world. At ISFiR, a diversity of young people get the opportunity to meet. The festival is an arena for overcoming cultural, political and religious borderlines, in order to promote tolerance and understanding.

Furthermore, the ISFiR brings together students from some 90 nations. Living at close quarters with people from different parts of the world, exchanging ideas and experiences, offers unique opportunities to gain insight into other cultures, and adds an extra dimension to this summer program. 


Who are the most eager ones to challenge attitudes? Throughout time, the world's most famous artists and actors have challenged time and place. Art and cultural expressions find their way through the heart and mind of people, and the cultural program of ISFiR 2003 is no exception.


Through every aspect of culture the goal is to appreciate the language of art as a common language to us all - showing the theme of this years ISFiR in a totally different way. We want to give you a "kick in the head" through experiencing the energetic atmosphere of the very special red and round house of our student's union. Both Italian and international artists will perform and as a participant you are most welcome to contribute. All participants will have free entrance to the cultural events.